IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications IEEE JOURNAL ON


February 1988, Volume 6, Number 2
Guest Editors -- T. Aoyama, W. R. Daumer, and G. Modena
Foreward -- Voice Coding for Communications
T. Aoyama, W. R. Daumer, and G. Modena

Standards and Performance Assessment
CCITT Standards on Digital Speech Processing (Invited Paper)
M. Decina and G. Modena

Deriving a Subjective Testing Methodology for Digital Circuit Multiplication and Packetized Voice Systems (Invited Paper)
C. A. Dvorak and J. R. Rosenberger

Objective Quality Evaluation for Low-Bit-Rate Speech Coding Systems (Invited Paper)
N. Kitawaki, H. Nagabuchi, and K. Itoh

32 kbit/s Coding Considerations
Ensuring Predictor Tracking in ADPCM Speech Coders Under Noisy Transmission Conditions
P. Yatrou and P. Mermelstein

A 32 kbit/s ADPCM Algorithm Having High performance for Both Voice and 9.6 kbit/s Modem Signals
K. Hosoda, O. Noguchi, and Y. Yatsuzuka

DSP Implementations of Sophisticated Speech Codecs (Invited Paper)
M. Taka, R. Maruta, and S. Unagami

Coding at Rates >= 64 kbit/s
7 kHz Audio Coding Within 64 kbit/s (Invited Paper)
X. Maitre
Multimedia Multipoint Teleconference System Using the 7 kHz Audio Coding Standard at 64 kbits/s
M. Taka, S. Shimada, and T. Aoyama

64 kbit/s Audio Signal Transmission Approaches Using 32 kbit/s ADPCM Channel Banks
M. Iwadare and T. Nishitani

Transform Coding of Audio Signals Using Perceptual Noise Criteria
J. D. Johnston

Speech Coding for Digital Mobile Radio
Evaluation of Six Medium Bit-Rate Coders for the Pan-European Digital Mobile Radio (Invited Paper)
J. E. Natvig

Speech and Channel Coding for Digital Lan-Mobile Radio
M. J. McLaughlin and P. D. Rasky

An Error Protected 16 kbit/s Voice Transmission for Land Mobile Radio Channel
H. Suda and T. Miki

Speech Coding Techniques at Rates <= 16 kbit/s
A Class of Analysis-by-Synthesis predictive Coders for High Quality Speec Coding at Rates Between 4.8 and 16 kbit/s (Invited Paper)
P. Kroon and E. F. Deprettere

Enhancement of ADPCM Speech Coding with Backward-Adaptive Algorithms for Postfiltering and Noise Feedback (Invited paper)
V. Ramamoorthy, N. S. Jayant, R. V. Cox, and M. M. Sondhi

APC-AB Codec Modules Operating at 16 and 8 kbit/s
K. Irie, Y. Tada, and K. Honma

New Directions in Subband Coding
R. V. Cox, S. L. Gay, Y. Shoham, S. R. Quackenbush, N. Seshadri, and N. S. Jayant

ADPCM with a Multiquantizer for Speech Coding
T. Taniguchi, S. Unagami, K. Iseda, and S. Tominaga

Transform Coding of Speech Using a Weighted Vector Quantizer
T. Moriya and M. Honda

Quantizer Design in LSP Speech Analysis-Synthesis
N. Sugamura and N. Farvardin

Design and Implementation of a Robust Pitch Detector Based on a Parallel Processing Technique
R. A. Sukkar, J. L. LoCicero, and J. W. Picone

Bandwidth and power Efficient Coded Modulation
Visual Communications Over Packet Networks
Speech Communication Over Packet Networks
Architecture and Protocols for Computer Networks: The State-of-the-Art
Heterogeneous Computer Nework Interconnection